“Don’t just hire a consultant, hire a Specialist”

The heart and soul of MADLAN Specialists, Inc. is Madeleine Kerr, its founder and President. Madeleine’s career is diverse and spans over 30 years. After a successful career in corporate America, Madeleine’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and she launched MADLAN Specialists. Prior to MADLAN Specialists, she held leadership positions at IBM and Oracle as well as hands-on, senior level management experience with start-up and emerging growth companies.

Madeleine is viewed as a leading authority on large-scale, complex systems delivery and IT organizational effectiveness. She possesses strong program and project management skills with a focus on maximizing team performance and meeting financial objectives. Madeleine has worked for or provided professional services to prominent companies in the retail industry including Tiffany & Co., Marshalls, Ann Taylor, Triminghams, The Grayson Company, and C&S Wholesale Grocers to name a few.

Those that know and have worked with Madeleine would describe her as tenacious, focused, and determined. She has an incredible passion for her clients, providing the highest quality deliverables and services. Madeleine takes a great deal of pride in helping her clients achieve success, change for the better, and become more effective.

While Madeleine Kerr provides the overall leadership and direction, it is the people and extended network of MADLAN Specialists that enable the organization to deliver a wide-range of solutions and services to its clients. Given the breadth and depth of her experiences, Madeleine is able to quickly tap into the right resources to get the job done. The MADLAN Specialist team will always be very experienced, hit the ground running, and be able to deliver the highest quality services at very competitive costs.

Unlike many consultancies, MADLAN Specialists, Inc. isn’t focused on billable hours, the number of people staffed on a project (or employed in the company), or the potential for long-term projects and outsourcing “deals.” Instead, our attention is on doing the best possible work for our clients on the current project, maintaining long-term relationships as a trusted advisor, and having each client as an excellent reference for MADLAN Specialists.

MADLAN Specialists, Inc. maintains a core group of employees and advisors to run the business as well as lead and deliver the primary client services. We supplement our core team with an extended network of colleagues and technology partners whom we’ve worked with over the years and are trusted “friends of” MADLAN Specialists, Inc. This unique and proven approach to resourcing our client engagements has allowed MADLAN Specialists, Inc. to align skills to the needs of the project, keep overhead low, provide favorable pricing, and quickly flex our staffing as the demands of our business have dictated.

With MADLAN Specialist’s ability to provide a wide-range of skilled, experienced personnel, we are able to deliver professional services across a variety of areas including:

  • Conducting IT Assessments
  • Developing IT Strategies
  • Providing Advisory Services to the CIO and other IT leadership
  • Managing of mission-critical initiatives (Projects and Programs)
  • Defining requirements for Packaged Software and Software Development
  • Creating and issuing Request for Proposals (RFPs) to technology providers and facilitating vendor selection
  • Establishing and running of the Program / Project Management Office (PMO) leveraging proven best practices
  • Identifying IT Skill requirements and creating professional development programs
  • Creating and delivering IT communication plans
  • Instituting IT delivery and governance processes (e.g., Demand Management, Change Requests, Systems Development Life-Cycle)
  • Aligning IT with Business priorities and strategies

This list is many of the services in which we’ve provided to our clients. They are also areas where MADLAN Specialists, Inc. resources have done significant work while leading strategic initiatives at other major companies. However, it is far from an exhaustive inventory of all of the services that MADLAN Specialists, Inc. can provide. We invite you to contact us for a no-obligation review of your particular situation. That way, we can mutually explore if your organization can benefit from MADLAN’s unique approach to delivering cost-effective and high-quality “Specialist” professional services.